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Enceintes colonnes Klipsch Forte IV La nouvelle Forte IV présente une esthétique actualisée et les dernières avancées en matière d'ingénierie acoustique pour des performances de premier ordre. BEST-IN-CLASS EFFICIENCY & PREMIUM PERFORMANCE The titanium diaphragm high-frequency driver has a new wide dispersion phase plug for a wider, more accurate sweet spot. An all-new K-702 midrange compression driver ensures exceptional detail and dynamics. The Tractrix® pavillon, featuring our patented Mumps technology, gives you more consistent sound throughout the listening area. DON'T MESS WITH PERFECTION The Forte IV enclosure is hand-assembled in the USA, by proud craftsmen in Hope, Arkansas, just like Paul W. Klipsch intended. BOOK-MATCHED WOOD VENEER Klipsch only uses book-matched wood veneers for the Heritage series. The veneer leaves are kept in order and arranged to provide a mirror image, like turning the pages of a book. MATCHED PAIRS Heritage Series loudspeaker pairs are grain-matched using wood veneer panels from the same timber. Each cabinet is carefully matched so each speaker in a pair is practically indistinguishable from the other.

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